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Hatching Eggs

We ship hatching eggs year round in pre-cut foam shippers, as well as offer a local pickup option to those in the Miami, Florida area. While shipped hatching eggs may not give you consistent results every time due to the many factors they face, they are often times one of the only ways of sourcing some of the rarest and newest breeds. We test hatch all our breeding groups weekly to insure consistent fertility and hatch-ability. To insure only the freshest eggs are sent we set aside any eggs older than 2 days for incubation locally, and occasionally have unsexed chicks available for local pickup. All our hatching eggs are listed by the half dozen (6), but more can be purchased depending on current egg production. We do offer a preorder option for full dozen orders when production is light, and will ship on a first come, first serve basis as they come available.
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