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These hatching eggs are from our flock of Frizzled Khaki, Blue and Dun-based Chocolate Polish. Khaki is a beautiful and rare blonde-based coloration while Chocolate, also referred to as Dun or Fawn, is a rich brown color. While many Polish colors cannot be crossed without producing unpredictable combinations, these 3 varieties can be bred together and produce 100% pure colors! This flock consists of Frizzled Khaki and Frizzled Platinum roosters over Chocolate and Blue hens and will produce Khaki, Platinum and Chocolate Polish chicks.


Please understand that I am not able to guarantee the amount of frizzled chicks hatched, as frizzled pairings produce roughly 50% frizzled and 50% smooth chicks. Chocolate, Khaki and Platinum work similarly to blue, black and splash (BBS) genetics in poultry. Chocolate is to blue as Khaki is to splash.

Frizzled Chocolate and Khaki Polish Hatching Eggs


Hatching eggs can be shipped via two methods: USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2-day. Please select and pay according to your preference at checkout. Eggs will be packed in quality egg-shipping foam and boxes will be clearly marked with fragile stickers on all sides. We are happy to offer free, combined shipping for orders over $150!

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