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Ayam Cemani

We acquired my first flock of Ayam Cemani many years ago from a breeder in Naples, Florida that originally sourced their stock directly from Greenfire Farms. Over the years we have continued to improve these lines by adding unrelated stock in each generation, keeping our genetic diversity as unique as possible. We now have 100% Indonesian roosters covering our flocks, and continue to breed towards the Standards of Perfection with each generation. We focus on consistently black skin, straight and upright combs, eliminating any color leakage that may arise (though unlikely), and improving laying ability. 

Though almost entirely unknown outside of their native Indonesia, there are over a dozen recognized varieties of Ayam Cemani! We are currently focusing on three of these varieties: Silkied, Putih (White) and Walik (Frizzled). 

Ayam Cemani Putih

Ayam Cemani Putih cary two copies of the recessive white gene. This produces a visually striking bird with pure white feathers over sharply contrasting black skin. Both parent birds must carry the recessive white gene to produce Ayam Cemani Putih, and therefore are extremely rare to hatch! We are only one of a few people in the United States breeding these beautiful birds, which are virtually unheard of other than in their native Indonesia. Putih are believed to bring good luck and fortune to those that keep them.

Ayam Cemani Walik

Ayam Cemani Walik exhibit the frizzled gene. This gene causes feathers to grow away from the body, creating an overall curly appearance. Frizzled chickens should only be bred to standard/smooth feathered birds. Breeding frizzled to frizzled will produce birds with weakened feather structures (often referred to as frazzles) that can cause widespread balding and overall lowered quality of life. Frizzled chickens have always been one of our all-time favorites, and are sure to turn any head! 

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