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This is a very rare, purebred variety of Ameraucana variety that is truly unique with white speckled feathers adorning their body. These are not easter egger or hatchery 'Americana', these are 100% purebred and extremely rare to find! Pictures of adult birds are what you can expect some of your chicks to look like, as chicks will gain more mottling with every molt. Please note that the mottled variation is still considered a project color of Ameraucana, so there may be some slight variation in egg color and size.

Mottled Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


Hatching eggs can be shipped via two methods: USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2-day. Please select and pay according to your preference at checkout. Eggs will be packed in quality egg-shipping foam and boxes will be clearly marked with fragile stickers on all sides. We are happy to offer free, combined shipping for orders over $150!

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