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We raise a large variety of rare and unique breeds at the farm, and often have leftover eggs after filling orders. This assortment will be a mixture of eggs collected from my Crested / Top Hat breeds listed below, and is guaranteed to include at least 4 unique breeds! Each egg will be marked to easily identify which breed it was laid by. These eggs are offered at a discount compared to purchasing breeds individually, so please understand that we cannot take breed requests for this listing. If you would like to purchase a specific breed please see our other items, or feel free to contact us to place a custom egg order!


GL - Frizzled Gold Laced x Tolbunt Polish

PL - Frizzled Chocolate and Khaki Polish

BW - Black Crested White Polish

ST - White and Paint Sultans

NN - Frizzled Showgirl Paint Silkies

DP - Frizzled Dun Chocolate & Kkaki Showgirl Paint Silkies

CMS - Chocolate Mottled Silkies

MF - Frizzled Mille Fleur Silkies

LVS - Lavender Silkies

Rare Crested / Top Hat Chicken Hatching Egg Assortment


Hatching eggs can be shipped via two methods: USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2-day. Please select and pay according to your preference at checkout. Eggs will be packed in quality egg-shipping foam and boxes will be clearly marked with fragile stickers on all sides. We are happy to offer free, combined shipping for orders over $150!

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