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These hatching eggs are from my flock of show-quality Lavender Silkies. This pen consists of Lavender Silkie roosters over Lavender and Lavender split hens. These eggs will hatch both Lavender and Black split to Lavender chicks, and have the chance of producing a large variety of feather types including frizzles, sizzles, satins, showgirls as well as standard silkied. Pattern possibilities may include cuckoo, mottled and mottled splits. Having a combination flock of Lavenders and splits is preferred when breeding back to Lavender, as they are known to have proportionally lower hatch rates when only breeding Lavender x Lavender.

Lavender Silkie Hatching Eggs


Hatching eggs can be shipped via two methods: USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2-day. Please select and pay according to your preference at checkout. Eggs will be packed in quality egg-shipping foam and boxes will be clearly marked with fragile stickers on all sides. We are happy to offer free, combined shipping for orders over $150!

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