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Belgian Liege Fighters! Despite their intimidating stature Liege Fighters are generally friendly towards people and are excellent flock protectors to predators of any shape and size. While these birds are most commonly found in black, my flock also consists of blue and the very rare Red Pyle variant. Liege Fighters have exceptionally muscular and upright carriages, often exceeding 30" tall and 12+ lbs. Surprisingly good layers of large, white eggs.

Liege Fighter Hatching Eggs - Red Pyle, Blue and Black

Egg preorders will ship on a first come, first serve basis as they come available. Orders of 12+ may be delayed until there is sufficient egg production.

Hatching eggs can be shipped via two methods: USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2-day. Please select and pay according to your preference at checkout. Eggs will be packed in quality egg-shipping foam and boxes will be clearly marked with fragile stickers on all sides. We are happy to offer free, combined shipping for orders over $150!

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